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Tikal Mayan Ruins | Discover Tikal & the mayan Ruins

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Tikal Mayan Ruins, It means “place of voices” and is one of the largest Mayan cities so far known for its 576 km2 of area. World Cultural and Natural Heritage of humanity since 1979. We can find and appreciate a great footprint of what was this site, with more than 3,000 archaeological elements, a city that inhabited between the Preclassic and classical periods.

Tikal Mayan Ruins

of its temples and squares, stands out the Plaza Mayor, heart of the archaeological park of Tikal and is surrounded by temples I (Temple of the Great Jaguar) and II (temple of the Masks), the North Acropolis and the Central. There is the square of the Great Pyramid or lost World, a set of monuments of the oldest of Tikal and the palace of the windows, with a lot of interconnected rooms.

Temple III or “temple of the Jaguar priest” has different carvings on its lintels. The temple IV or “Temple of the Serpent doubleheaded” is the highest of Tikal, by its 70 meters of height from where we will be able to recreate of one of the most spectacular panoramics of the park. And the temple VI or “Temple of the Inscriptions”, is named after the cover of glyphs in its cresting.

The arrival to the park is accessible, so you can enter it with a family or small vehicle. During the trip to the central square we can enjoy beautiful walks, observe different kinds of monkeys such as howler monkeys, coatis, parakeets, toucans, parrots and even jaguars.


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